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X-rays, are they necessary?

At times, radiographs (otherwise known as x-rays) are necessary for proper diagnosis. Hidden injuries can result after car accidents and these need to be screened prior to chiropractic treatment. There are three ligaments in the spine and the primary function of these ligaments is to hold the bones of the spine in proper alignment. These ligaments can be excessively damaged and may become compromised. When these ligaments are compromised, it results in laxity or excessive movement between the vertebrae. This can be worsened with manual treatment, massage, physical therapy, chiropractic or other treatments and can cause harm and increased pain to the patient. If ligament damage is present, I need to know, and treatment will be provided around the region, and not at the specific level.

How Are X-rays Used?

I am sympathetic to those who are hesitant to have x-rays taken due to radiation exposure. A lot of medical professionals use x-rays regularly because they can quickly show potential injuries, and often the images can be populated on a computer screen in a matter of seconds. Most chiropractic offices will x-ray the entire spine (neck, middle back, lower back, pelvis) which is often unnecessary and exposes patients to excessive radiation. Some chiropractors even x-ray again at the end of treatment which I find medically unnecessary. Under my care, x-rays are only taken if they are 100% medically indicated.

Minimize Exposure by Re-using Recent X-rays

If you have had x-rays taken at the ER, PCP or Urgent Care following your car accident please let us know. We will request them. If you have the x-rays on CD or film, please bring them with you to your initial appointment. My primary focus is on helping those injured in car accidents and in work-related injuries. Your treatment at my office will always be above the standard of care.

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