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Car Accident & Injury

Car Accident & Injury

Car Accident & Injury

See your Tacoma Chiropractor ASAP

According to the US census, there are an average 10.5 million car accidents every year in this country. A significant proportion of them result in neck pain or back pain. It is a very real and very serious problem and, if left untreated, the problem only gets worse.

Whiplash from car accidents can result in muscle tears, tendon damage, and/or spinal misalignment. The last one, if left untreated, can and will produce many unpleasant symptoms including:

  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Lower back pain
  • Upper back pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Siatica

If you have been suffering from any of these after a recent auto accident, please do not wait any longer to get the care your body needs. At Premier Chiropractic of Tacoma, our doctor will carefully walk you through a thorough understanding of your current situation, explain what needs to happen in order to get you healed, and has all the equipment and staff (including Licensed Massage Therapists) necessary to ensure your recovery of health.

Our holistic approach focuses on Chiropractic and is supported by rehabilitative exercises and massage therapy. At times we may also need to discuss diet and other areas of improvement in order to expedite your recovery.

A Note about Auto Insurance – Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

PIP, or Personal Injury Protection, is an optional coverage on your auto insurance policy that pays medical expenses for you and every passenger of your car regardless of fault in the accident. That is, any time you are involved in an automobile accident, whether you are at fault or not, every person in your car has your PIP limit (usually $10k, $25k, or $35k) at his/her disposal immediately for medical attention. Once you have opened a PIP claim, the claim number you receive from your insurance company can be used for chiropractic care and massage therapy with no deductible and no co-pay.

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