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Exercises Strengthen Supporting Muscles

It is important to have the proper exercises to strengthen the muscles around the chiropractically adjusted bone structure. At our Tacoma Chiropractor office, our doctor educates our patients on proper structure and function of the skeleton and muscles, explains which muscles are relevant to the painful region, and prescribes corrective exercises to strengthen those supporting muscles. This ensures that the chiropractic adjustments “hold” longer, and hopefully, permanently.

It is not uncommon that, when certain muscles are not in good shape, a person might bend too far forwards, backwards, or sideways, and seriously injure their bone and/or muscle structure, leading to serious pain at the least, and herniated discs, dislodged joints, bulged discs, sciatica, or severe neck pain or back pain at worst.

The Core Muscles

It is very common for office workers to have weak abdominal muscles. You spend most of your day sitting and have little reason to tighten your core muscles. The core muscles are the main supporting muscles for proper vertical spine alignment. When these are not in good shape, a person seriously risks throwing their spine out of alignment and even bulging discs or herniating discs in their back.

But even with non-office workers, the chances of a back injury due to unfit core muscles are also relatively high. “The core” consists of many muscles, and even if some of your core muscles are strong, there is still a chance that some minor, supporting core muscles could use some work. Come tell us about your work and what you do and we can prescribe corrective exercises to safeguard your spinal health.